Every year, Volkswagen organizes a large-scale event for product experience testing. Consumers are asked to join test drive different Volkswagen products, and have their feedback systematically collected for further analysis.

Designing a meaningful product experience test, managing test participants' experiences, and collecting data from the results at scale needs to be simple and fast. Having previously done this work on paper, Volkswagen needed a streamlined digital solution.


Working with Volkswagen and Screen GmbH, we designed a product experience testing app called [Product Experience App 4.0]. This mobile app was developed for iOS and Android and provided Volkswagen test instructions (driving instructions, maps, and product usage hints) and geofenced test questions for over 22,000 testers. The app collected the testers’ feedback as they reached waypoints in Volkswagen’s product test event. We also built a second application to help Volkswagen design and manage product experience questionnaires for use across different product experience tests in order to coordinate their relationship with product experience testers and analyze test results in real-time

  • Automated a labor-intensive manual process, allowing Volkswagen to rapidly scale their product experience testing.
  • In one year, this allowed Volkswagen to collect over 45,000 tests from 22,000 testers across 150 events.


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