In 2014, Adrinoset out to create Poland's first mobile ad network, supporting both in-app and mobile web advertisements. They knew they needed a sophisticated solution with support for fraud detection, campaign optimization, publisher management, advertiser management, revenue management, campaign management, and creative management.

After some initial analysis, the client realized that off-the-shelf solutions either wouldn't support their sophisticated requirements or were too expensive to be viable. They needed a partner who could develop a custom solution.


To solve Adrino's problem, we developed a custom ad network solution from the ground up. We designed the entire platform's architecture to support rapid adoption and scaling, and implemented the management features that they, their publishers, and their advertisers needed. To help onboard new advertisers and maximize campaign adoption, we developed a streamlined rich media creation tool that helps advertisersquicklyrollout high-quality campaigns.

9bits was key to helping us build Poland's first mobile ad network across the mobile web and native apps. They designed and implemented our ad server and campaign management platform from start to finish, helping us to scale to over 1.2 billion impressions per month. If you have a difficult challenge that needs innovative thinking, give them a call.

  • Today, Adrino is Poland's largest mobile ad network.
  • The ad network supports over 1.2 billion impressions per month generated by 120 million users.
  • In 2016, the company was bought by Dirlango and InnovaInvestment Group and is now part of the Netsprint Group.


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