SMYK is Poland's largest children's accessory and toy retailer, selling its products through retail locations and online to a market of over 38 million people.Emailis a key tool in building relationships with its customers, but SMYK’s email open rates and clickthrough rates (CTR) were very low.

With sub-optimal email campaign performance, the client wanted to super-charge their email operations to drive sales and improve relationships with their customers.


To improve SMYK's email campaign performance, we integrated their offline customer data with their online customer profiles. This provided a much richer database of customer profiles, which our analysts then segmented into thirty-six customer segments based on purchase preferences, purchase frequency, family profile, and other characteristics.

Having identified relevant customer segments, our development team built a campaign management tool thatallowed SMYK's marketing team to construct and distribute personalized email messages to users and user segments.

  • 20% increase in email-driven conversions.
  • 3x improvement in email clickthroughs: 10% CTR up from 3%.
  • 70% email open rate.


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