With three months to go before launch, Veturilo realized they needed a mobile front-end for customers to use with their bike rental platform, and that their customer app would need to integrate with the NextBike back-end platform.


Within three months, we built native Android and iOS mobileapps for Veturilo that support:

›› Renting and returning Veturilo bikes.

›› Geolocation tracking.

›› Customer rental history.

›› Finding the nearestavailable bike.

›› Integration with the NextBike back-end.

›› Mobile payments.

›› Push notifications via Google Cloud Messaging.

  • The platform has been in use for the past two years across Poland's largest cities.
  • And it supports over 100,000 users with over 5 million rental transactions annually across Veturilo's network of 5,000 connected bikes

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