The University of Łódz'sErasmus+ program is designed to facilitate university student exchange across Europe. But with so many foreign exchange students coming to Łódz for the first time, the University realized it needed to help them learn their way around the city and become familiar with the university campus itself.


Working with the University, we designed the SmartUni App for Android and iOS, and placed over 5,000 iBeacons around the city of Łódz and the university's main campus. The app and iBeaconshelp students to:

›› Quickly see what is happening on campus.

›› Easily see how to reach key unviersity locations (classrooms, dormitories, etc.) from wherever they are.

›› Find nearby amenities like shopping, restaurants, pharmacies, etc.

›› Get general information about the unviersity and its administration.


›› Since 2016, the SmartUni app has been used by thousands of University of Łódz Erasmus+ students.

›› The app has over 5,000 downloads.

›› And the app has garnered a 4.5 app store rating.

›› Great UX feedback from international students.


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