As Poland's largest wholesale distributor of FMCG products, Eurocash needed to shift its 90,000+ retailer relationships into digital channels. But that is a complex undertaking across a 5 billion euro business serving the needs of a large and diverse client group with 450,000+ product variations across 155,000 unique SKUs.Eurocash needed a professional, powerful, large-scale solutionthat would enable their in-house teams to manage their complex business.


We designed a B2B eCommerce solution from the ground up, providing an optimized and modernized user experience. The platform leveraged modern technologies including Angular2, Netcore 2.0, ElasticSearch, Hazelcast, Redis, and Kibana to provide users with high-grade product search, market insights, personalized dashboards, and mini-baskets with full delivery and payment documentation.

For in-house users, we built a custom product information management (PIM) platform that lets Eurocash managers design and oversee product categories, promotional campaigns, and customer relationships.


We've worked with 9bits on multiple projects for our eCommerce platform, including development of our private label platform, product search, product information management tool, and extending into mobile. They've done excellent work, delivered timely results, and really helped us make more customers happy.

  • More than 87,000 retailers are using Eurocash's eCommerce platform daily
  • And over 115,000 SKUs are updated daily.

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