The development of IoT: How are connected devices changing our world?

by 9bits 11.04.2024

What is IoT?

IoT is an idea that involves connecting thousands of different devices and everyday objects to the Internet. These intelligent devices communicate with each other, exchange data and enable remote management or autonomous decision-making. This is not just a vision of the future - many IoT processes are already taking place now.


Smart home as an example

We can implement the concept of the Internet of Things by building the so-called smart home. Examples of IoT devices include intelligent thermostatic heads, which allow you to manage the temperature in a room from your phone. Thanks to them, we can forget about turning off the heating after leaving the house - one click and the problem is solved.


The potential of IoT in the ecosystem

IoT shows its potential when we add more devices to it. For example, a smart door lock can independently control heating, lighting or blinds when we leave the house. This not only makes life easier, but also contributes to more efficient resource management.


IoT in cities

IoT is not just limited to homes. In cities, intelligent systems can be used to manage traffic, garbage collection and air quality monitoring. This translates into lower costs, convenience for residents and environmental protection.


Threat or opportunity?

IoT can lead to automation and employment reduction, but also create new jobs. An example is a salmon farm in Norway, which has regained its thriving condition thanks to IoT.


Application? The Internet of Things is not just a technology - it is a revolution that is changing our world for the better.



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