One of our main challenges was to reduce the time needed for calculating final prices for "online" products in the context of an individual Client (each Client-store may have a different set of promotions and commercial conditions). The maximum time for calculating the price of products on SRP should not surpass 400ms.

Downloading the client's terms of business (individual discounts) from external systems (ERP) and handling them when calculating the final prices of products were also challenging tasks. In addition, we had to present B2B promotions on the e-commerce portal in a clear and legible way for the customer and define various promotion types: catalog, threshold (conditional), bonus, related to the method of payment for the order. We have defined promotional discounts per assortment and the group to which the customer belongs.

Our team also faced challenges such as handling promotional budgets and other limits imposed on promotions, as well as handling multiple markets along with specific solutions.needed. We have defined promotions for various sales channels, e.g. e-commerce portal, SFA (a tool used by traders) and other platforms used by the client.


When creating the price calculator responsible for calculating the price, our team used the Kotlin multiplatform technology with the possibility of compiling for jvm, android or ios environments. We have added promotion parameters - such as combining promotions, calculating the value of a discount on the unit price or on the price per line - which allow customization of the tool for each market. Communication with the e-commerce platform takes place via API in order to provide the most important information about promotions, i.e. meeting the conditions of a given promotion by the Customer, as well as how many products the Customer must add to the basket to achieve a higher discount.

  • Implementation of the tool in 6 markets (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia) with the possibility of individual configuration for each market.
  • Calculation of current prices for products in the minimum time, set in project objectives.



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