CHALLENGE is an online sales platform, associated with the expert service within the Onet group, offering thousands of products and services from several suppliers.

Online medical examinations and visits, dietary supplements, accessories from the health and beauty category, dermocosmetics, healthy food are just a of the broad product portfolio offered by the e-commerce platform, which we had the pleasure of implementing.

This e-commerce solution has been enhanced further with the functionality of arranging home medical visits or visits to facilities cooperating with uPacjenta service. The solution is based on doctors’ and specialists’ availability calendars provided by uPacjenta.

The developed solution's main challenge was handling high traffic from RASP group websites, i.e.,, etc. Additionally, the e-commerce system provides a product API which, based on the provided parameters, e.g. the category of an article published on the website, generates a suitable offer and returns product data to ad placements. The described information is returned by the API in real-time to provide users with the best user experience.


Bearing in mind the expected high traffic from the expert website and the client's business expectations, we decided to base the e-commerce platform on the Magento 2 framework in its latest version.

For the purpose of the website, we have also built custom solutions.

  • Integrations with,
  • Integrations with systems of medical service providers
  • Integration with the dedicated uPacjenta service
  • Integrations with Salesmanago, Opineo, Onet Perfo Easy, LiveChat, InPost

Thanks to website optimization and dedicated solutions, we were able to provide a well-functioning e-commerce platform that meets the expectations and needs of thousands of customers.

  • Several million sessions per month
  • Thousands of transactions per month
  • Efficient and optimal e-commerce platform



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