How to prepare your online store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

by 9bits 27.09.2023

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two important dates in the e-commerce calendar. They are eagerly awaited by shoppers to get the best deals and make their holiday purchases. For online shop owners, this is a great opportunity to boost sales and attract new customers. However, to maximize the potential of these days, proper preparation is essential. Here's a look at the key steps you need to take to get your online store ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


1. Plan ahead

Preparations for Black Friday and Cyber Monday should begin not a month, but even several months in advance. Start by determining which products or services will be promoted and what discounts and special offers will be available to customers. Carefully consider how much of a discount you can afford while still maintaining profitability. Planning in advance will help you avoid errors and unnecessary last-minute stress.


2. Website optimization

Focus on optimizing the loading speed of your website. Use performance measurement tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights to identify and fix problems. Use caching technologies, such as content delivery networks (CDNs), to speed up the delivery of content to customers in different geographical locations. Update your e-commerce store software, plugins and themes to the latest versions to avoid issues with outdated components. Make sure your site is responsive and looks good on mobile devices, as many people are shopping online using smartphones. Nothing will turn off a customer faster than a slow website or functional problems.


3. Scalability

Plan for the scalability of your server. In the event of a sudden increase in traffic, your server should be able to handle a higher number of users. You can use flexible cloud computing services that allow you to easily scale resources as needed. Make sure your database is scalable too. Choose database solutions that allow for easy expansion of processing power, disk space and SQL query optimisation. Before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it's also a good idea to run load tests that simulate increased traffic to your site. This will help you identify performance issues and adjust your server or configurations accordingly. You can also use monitoring tools to continuously track server and application performance. Configure alert systems to notify you of problems so you can react quickly.


4. Test payment and order processing

Test your payment and order processing systems before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make sure everything runs smoothly and that customers don't have any problems placing orders. Errors in the payment process can cause financial problems for both your store and your customers. Incorrect credit card charges or delayed refunds can lead to customer dissatisfaction and loss of confidence. If customers encounter difficulties or problems during the payment process, they may abandon their purchases and look for alternative options. If possible, invest in customer support to quickly resolve any questions or problems.


5. Price transparency and honesty

Another crucial aspect of preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is accurate pricing. Customers expect attractive discounts and deals, so it's important to clearly label price reductions. Use prominent labels such as "Black Friday Deal" or "Cyber Monday Sale" to highlight products included in promotions. In light of recent regulations, monitoring price history is essential. By honestly displaying prices, you can offer real discounts and customers won't feel cheated. By properly labeling and monitoring prices, you can build customer loyalty long after Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed.


Preparing your online store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday from a technical perspective is crucial to ensure performance, availability and security during periods of increased traffic. A properly optimized website will help you avoid technical issues, which are critical to maintaining customer confidence and maximizing sales. Data security, server performance, mobile responsiveness, load testing and ongoing technical support are all essential to ensure a successful transition during these critical days for your business.



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